Divorce effects all aspects of a peron's life, and can have a ripple effect around them.  It is imperative that you have a zealous advocate who is focused on minimizing the potential long-term fallout from a divorce.  Navarrette Family Law provides the representation you need to walk-away from the divorce with the dignity and integrity you deserve, including creative problem solving at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. 

 Issues concerning children are often times the most emotional issues confronted in family law.  Navarrette Family Law aims to provide the representation you need to attempt to maintain the co-parenting relationship that is most advantageous to the children.  The Firm also identifies that there may be times where it is necessary that the best interest of the child is best served by protecting the child from a parent. 



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Mediation is a forum that can be most beneficial to the parties of the lawsuit.  Mediation is confidential and allows the parties to retain control of the outcome of their case and reach an amicable and acceptable agreement.  


Many courts order all parties to mediate their controversy prior to proceeding with a final hearing on the contested issues.  

The general requirement for most modifications is that there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances from the time of the entry of the prior order to the time that modification is sought.  Modifications are case specific depending on the changed circumstances.  Any modification of a prior order must be in the best interest of the children.  The most commonly sought modifications are primary residence, possession of the children and child support.   

Collaborative Law takes the contested matters out of litigation and carries them to the negotiating table.  Collaborative Law is founded on interest-based negotiations, and looks to allow the parties the opportunity to reach an amicable agreement that considers each parties' goals and interests (as well as those of the children).  


Given the fact that Collaborative Law takes the matter out of litigation, it inherently provides for a more private process through which individuals can resolve all issues in their case.  Navarrette Family Law provides each client the opportunity to gauge whether or not their case would be suited for Collaborative Law.

 Time is everything.  Parents that no longer live together generally both want the most possible time that they can have with their children.  Navarrette Family Law is experienced in drafting custom possession orders tailored to client's and children's needs and schedules.

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Orders that have been entered by the court are subject to being enforced.  Enforcement issues can include, but are not limited to - nonpayment of child support, violation of orders for possession and access, nonpayment of spousal maintenance, violation of standing orders or injunctions, etcetera.  


Eric A. Navarrette regularly pursues enforcement matters for the benefit of his clients.  

Eric A. Navarrette specializes in representing clients in all family law areas, including those which may not be listed above.  To schedule your consultation so that you may be personally advised as to how to put the pieces of your family law matter together, contact Eric A. Navarrette at  (940) 566-0606 or

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